Sources have revealed to Delhi Defence Review that the Indian Army (IA) has launched a massive artillery barrage on Pakistan Army (PA) positions in Kotli and Rawalakot sectors of Pakistan Occupied Jammu & Kashmir (PoJ&K). The artillery fusillade is believed to have caused significant fatalities among PA personnel.Apparently, Kotli sector has been the recipient of particularly severe punishment and there are reports of a medical emergency being declared there due to shortages of blood.  PA positions in Samhani, Nakyal, Khurietta,  and Hattian Bala have been shelled by the IA which is perhaps undertaking this punitive action as a response to the Pakistan Air Force’s (PAF) attempt to bomb an IA formation compound, besides cease fire violations by the PA in the last few days.


As such,  sources say that emergency sirens were also sounded in Lahore Cantonment at 0300 hrs this morning. And the skies over Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Karachi are buzzing with the sound of  PAF combat jets. Stretches of the M1 & M2 motorways near the Pakistani capital are being cordoned off, which may indicate that they will be used as emergency landing strips for PAF fighter aircraft.

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