About Us

Delhi Defence Review (DDR) is an online publication dedicated to the deep coverage and analysis of war, warts and all. We will provide expert analysis and views for practitioners and enthusiasts alike. Sometimes our offerings will be somewhat geeky but we promise to warn you about that! Our ethos is non-partisan and we would like to serve as a platform for debate on specific issues and topics of military and geopolitical interest.

We are based in New Delhi, India, but we will carry voices from active theaters of conflict across the globe. Developments in WANA, Af-Pak, the South China Sea, and the Indian Ocean Region will naturally be of interest to us. Both the triumph and tragedy of war will be portrayed via human interest stories carefully curated by our team.

However, we will have a decided focus on providing news and analysis about India’s military-industrial sector with particular emphasis on indigenous innovation. You can count on DDR to provide accurate and timely coverage of Indian military force modernization issues as well as that of its neighbours.

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Publisher: Devapriya Roy

Editor-in-Chief: Saurav Jha

Special Projects: Chandrashekhar Bhattacharyya

Features Editor: Jaideep Unudurti

Photo Editor: Sriram Thiagarajan