It is that time of the year again, when India in general and New Delhi in particular gears up for a month-long celebration for Republic Day, commencing with the Army Day Parade and various events around it. Included in the celebratory events around Army Day, will be the Investiture Ceremony wherein the Chief Of Army Staff (COAS) would award the Sena Medal for Gallantry and Distinguished Service and COAS Unit Citation for extraordinary services rendered in the year 2020-2021. A Total of 23 Army Units will be awarded the COAS Unit Citations for exemplary service and valour in the face of hostilities and defence of the nation. It should be noted that recognition by the COAS for these units embodies the successful conduct of task and duty assigned over a period of time.


2020 had been a tumultuous year for the nation and the world due to the Covid pandemic, and more so for the Indian Armed Forces who have had to deal with The multiple skirmishes and transgression along the Himalayan Frontier in the Ladakh-Tibet Theatre by the Chinese PLA, relentless ceasefire violation by Pakistan, hot pursuits and counter insurgency operations from Jammu Kashmir to North East, and support to the Civil Administration for managing and treating Covid 19 under Operation Namaste. Despite resources getting stretched, the Indian Armed Forces and the Army in particular put together a comprehensive plan to manage and contain Covid19 without letting that adversely effect operational requirements. This year 2021, 23 different units across North, South, East and Central Commands have been chosen for the coveted COAS Unit Citation, as mentioned earlier.

We bring to you an overview of the units chosen for the same:


Southern Command:

10 PARA (Special Forces)- a distinguished Special Forces unit with a rich history and war record in India and abroad, the 10 PARA Special Forces is the only operational unit under the Southern Army Command awarded the COAS Unit Citation 2021.

This crack unit has been operating in the Desert, besides deploying teams other parts for operational deployment as well.


Northern Command:

Alongside managing both the Indo-Pak and Indo-Tibetan Borders, the Line of Actual Control and Line Of Control, the Northern Army Command is also responsible for Counter Insurgency operations in Jammu Kashmir, part of Operation Rakshak.

Keeping in mind the long and arduous task of COIN, defending the LOC and LAC , the various units of the Northern Command set to receive the COAS Unit Citation for 2021 are:

i. 18 Maratha Light Infantry

ii. 6 JAT

iii. 12 DOGRA

iv. 2 ASSAM

v. 4 Jammu Kashmir Rifles

vi. 70 Field Regiment (Artillery)

vii. 20 SATA Regiment (Artillery)

viii. 115 ENGINEER Regiment (Corps of Engineers)

ix. 22 Rashtriya Rifles (PUNJAB)

x. 34 Rashtriya Rifles (JAT)

xi. 42 Rashtriya Rifles (ASSAM)

xii. 44 Rashtriya Rifles (RAJPUT)

xiii. 50 Rashtriya Rifles (KUMAON)

The above units have been instrumental in securing the nation along the Line Of Control and Counter Insurgency operations in the Kashmir valley, part of Chinar Corps of the Northern Command.


Eastern Command:

The Eastern Army Command is by far the largest operational Command of the Indian Army today, mandated with the task of defending the McMahon Line in Arunachal Pradesh, and securing the demarcated International boundary along Indo-Bangladesh, Indo-Myanmar, Indo-Bhutan, and Indo-Nepal borders. Internally, units under the Eastern Command and the Assam Rifles comprise the security structure of conducting ongoing counter insurgency operations in Assam, Manipur, Nagaland and parts of Arunachal Pradesh.

In the year 2020-2021, the following units of the Eastern Command have been chosen for COAS Citations as a recognition of their dedicated service and yeomen valour in defending the territorial integrity of the nation, including certain defensive operations against the Chinese PLA units in Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh.

i. 23 PUNJAB

ii. 12 SIKH LI

iii. 21 DOGRA


v. 5 ASSAM

vi. 3 NAGA



Defending the nation against aggressive Chinese PLA units, safeguarding the lives of countless civilians and for maintaining law and order in counter insurgency areas, the above units under the Eastern Command will be awarded the COAS Unit Citations for the year 2020-2021 on 15 January 2021 by the Chief Of Army Staff.


Central Command:

Garhwal Scouts:

Mandated to secure the Central sector from Himachal Pradesh to Uttarakhand along the porous and treacherous Indo-Tibetan Border, the Central Command also has dual role of safeguarding the Indo-Nepal Border in close coordination with ITBP and SSB units in the area.

Due to the climatic and topographical hazards in the region of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh, the Army relies heavily on Scout units under regular infantry.

For its yeomen service in the Central sector, the Chief Of Army Staff will be presenting Garhwal Scouts with the COAS Unit Citation for 2020-2021 this Army Day on 15 January 2021


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