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Tarun saw that Swapna had called him twice in the past hour and was thus forced to call her back.

‘Darling, how are you doing?’

‘I miss you. When will I see you again?’

‘Soon. I can’t leave the men alone. One of them might be tempted to do something stupid.’

‘I guess.’ Swapna did not fully agree with Tarun. Everyone in the team knew how important it was to lie low and to make sure that the All India Study Tour was not busted.

‘When will it all end?’

‘Soon my darling.’

‘Will there be more blasts? Deaths?’ she asked.

‘Am afraid so. But we are almost there now.’

‘I love you. Please call as often as possible. I need to hear your voice.’

‘Of course. Me too. I love you too.’



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