This past Thursday, Air Chief Marshal (ACM), B.S Dhanoa, Chief of Air Staff (CAS), Indian Air force (IAF), while speaking at the Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF) made a number of interesting statements with respect to India’s military position in the Indo-Pacific Region and its deterrence paradigm. Here are 15 things of note that he said:


  •  “We (India) need to build conventional deterrence capabilities to change behaviour of Pakistan.”


  • “The IAF provides regional security in the form of humanitarian assistance and disaster relief in the Indo-Pacific region”


  • “The IAF is the largest air force amongst Asian democracies.”


  • “The IAF has the ability to fight a short swift war tomorrow.”


  • “India needs to work on deterrence in the sub-conventional domain to thwart terrorist attacks originating from Pakistan.”


  • “Pakistan will continue to back and support attacks on our military bases and targets.”


  • “We have undertaken a comprehensive upgrade of security at all bases.”


  • “Indigenization is an important aspect to enhance India’s middle and high end defence capabilities.”


  • “We have the capability to wage a short term war tomorrow.”


  • “We need to plan as per an adversary’s capability because intention will change overnight. China has developed a modern air force.”


  • “It is a misconception that IAF does not need 42 squadrons. It needs 42 for full spectrum of war.”


  • “There has been a significant increase in deployment of aircraft and aircrew in the Tibet Autonomous Region from other military regions.”



  •  ” The F-35 is not in contention (for the new fighter procurement tender) and we are not in touch with them. The news is incorrect about us talking to them.”


  • “IAF has the capability to launch from Pune and strike in the northern frontiers. We believe in one theatre, one country.”


  • “The JF-17  is an aircraft of the present since it is there in large numbers. 
    The Tejas is an aircraft of the future. Depends on what we equip the Tejas with.”

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