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Indradeep Ghosh’s call to the DIA’s Director General was put through immediately.

‘What news?’

‘Sir, I have a pen drive with photos of men undergoing some form of military training and a Tracker for a GPS chip embedded in a knife which has been gifted to the leader of those men trained by this Yaroslav. There’s also a written report with physical descriptions and names.’

‘Are these photos and report similar to the photos and the report we had received earlier?’

‘The photos are identical sir, except that the faces of the men look very different. The report is also very different.’

‘And you have paid them half in advance, is it?’

‘Had to Sir. Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars sir, the rest to be paid once we get results from this.’

‘Good. Email the photos and the report to us. And carry the GPS Tracker to Mumbai on the next available flight. A special air force plane was despatched to Moscow three hours ago. I want you to be on that plane, with the GPS Tracker in your pocket.’

‘Sir?’ Indradeep expected the Director General to ask him to send the GPS Tracker though a special emissary but had not anticipated being asked to carry it to Mumbai in person on a special air force plane. Things must be pretty desperate in India, he realized.


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